My mom can make raincoats to fit all of my friends. Please call her with any questions. She will help you through the measurements if you are unsure of how to correctly measure us.


An extra scratch under the belly or behind the ears while your measuring would sure make them smile I'm sure.


Oh, don't forget to visit the measurement guide.. It really does a great job explaining all the specifics that are required in order to get a PERFECT fit.



Slick raincoats lined with cotton with various prints.
(Call to inquire about available prints)

(See the selection menu below for sizing information)
Hooded coats up to size 16" only $5 extra: Contact Us


Slick Raincoat Sizes
Slick Raincoat Colors


Reversible Fleece Lined Raincoats (solid colors)
(See the selection menu below for sizing information)
See color selection below



Reversible Fleece Lined Raincoats sizes
Fleece Colors


Fleece Color Selection


Taxi Yellow Chinese Red OJ French Blue
Deep Ivy

Frost Blue Gum Drop Blueplum Cappuccino



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